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What is your favorite thing to do?

Over the years, I have been asked this question only to stumble over a reply.  How does a person pick between repairing the drywall after a broken septic line or balancing on a near vertical roof top removing tree limbs the size of a volkswagon?  I now have an answer.  I like punch lists.  This is a time sensitive list of projects usually done just prior to selling a piece of property.  In this day of Covid, people are having to wait three to four weeks to replace their flooring.  While that is going on, I can tidy up all those small things around the property that have been accumulating.  A price quote of $12,000 to paint the inside and the outside of a house is not unheard of.  Recently, I was able to power wash the outside of a property and spot paint the touch ups.  The money I saved the owner won me the contract for the inside of the house.  My versatility on the interior work  means you will not have to phone a plumber, painter, electrician and carpenter just to complete one kitchen job, not to mention the minimum payment for each of those professionals.  On occasion, my  wife or daughter have been known to help with the painting and cleaning, but for the most part I am a one man team.  So, if you are looking at a long list and a month to organize all the professionals to get it done, why not just phone me for a free quote instead?

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