Custom Builds

This is a work in progress.  As I build, or rebuild I will add to the page.  Pictures included here are with the permission of the purchaser.

Building furniture is more of a leisure activity than a business.  In between inspections and remodels, I take orders for that special piece of woodwork that you just can't find at Wal-Mart or Bed Bath and Beyond.  These pieces are not the "I need it today!" type of woodwork.  Often, I am going off of a picture and the customers dimensions to help construct a dream.

Custom Table

Convertible picnic table / bence 

These tables shown are approximately 6' X 4' Fully open.  You can choose the stain that you would like. 
If you want a custom size and length there is a wait time for custom builds


This was a dry dirt slope next to a house under a set of stairs, it is now hidden.

Before the build, crawl space under outside stairs

Before Crawl Space.jpg

During the build, crawl space under outside stairs

During Crawl Space 2.JPG

After the build, crawl space under outside stairs

After Crawl Space.jpg